Spring & Fall League

The Colbert Hills League is a great way for golfers to enjoy the game in a whole new way. It's the perfect blend of camaraderie and competition!

The League is open to all Champions Club, Benefactor Club, and Founders Club participants. It takes place on Tuesday nights, starting at 5:15 p.m. There is a different format each week and points are earned throughout the league season to determine the final winner for the year.


To sign up by Noon the day of play, please contact Steve Gotsche at 785-776-6475 Ext.1 


Player Points are awarded as follows: 

  • Show up to play ($10 Entry): 5pts (Member Guest nights get 5pts for a guest)
  • Placing in the format of the day: Higher the finish the more points you receive
  • Hole prizes for the event (2): 10-20pts each
  • Hole-in-one during league play: 50pts
  • Points can be doubled at the discretion of the Pro for play during certain weather conditions (rainy, hot, cold, etc.).

Additional rules include:

  • The Pro can change the format from what is posted due to numbers, weather, mood, etc.
  • If a player makes a hole-in-one during league play and has entered the pot ($2 per night) he or she will win the cumulative pot!  (Guests are ineligible for the HIO pot).
  • The end of league prizes will be based upon total points won during the spring/fall league with the #1 point leader picking first, the #2 leader picking second, and so on.  All those attending will win something, but you must be present to win! If no player has won the hole-in-one pot, we will draw for the pot using 1 ticket for each time a player entered the pot.

League is all about having a good time, so come on out HAVE FUN and play some golf!